Overview of COURCELLE computer tools:

TMS : Transports Management System

  • Entry of transport orders at the time of order taking
  • Order well and graphic planning
  • Digitization and archiving of signed documents
  • Charters management
  • Customer EDI management
  • Invoicing


Google Suite

Professional and collaborative tool

  • A Contacts collaborative messaging system (access to the group directory)
  • A shared staff calendar
  • A document sharing platform (drive)
  • Possibility to fill in group forms
  • Dashboard tool with internal software link

Geolocation tool / on-board computing

  • Geolocation of the fleet and drivers + Trips history
  • Planning tool that clearly displays a driver's completed and remaining driving time
  • Management of drivers activities
  • Sending of transport missions to the drivers boxes
  • Alert management and POI
  • Automatic downloading of tachograph data
  • Management of drivers' driving style + Coach module